Discover Revelator's App Marketplace: A Game Changer for Distributors and Labels

Discover Revelator's App Marketplace: A Game Changer for Distributors and Labels

Zac Vibert
Zac Vibert

We've recently launched our App Marketplace on Revelator Pro—a centralized hub designed specifically for distributors and record labels to bring new integrations and features to their artists. These strategic partnerships provide direct access to cutting-edge tools and platforms, empowering partners to grow their music business.

In our Revelator's App Marketplace, you'll find a curated selection of tools and partnerships, all fully integrated and offered at exclusive rates.

Here's a glimpse of what's available:

Easysong: Secure mechanical licenses for distributing cover songs hassle-free.

Feature FM: Effortlessly create promotional smart links directly from Revelator Pro, from pre-saves to post-release, fan contact capture, and communications, making your marketing workflow seamless.

Groover: Artists can engage directly with leading curators, radio stations, and blogs to receive valuable feedback and promo support.

Waves Audio Plugins: Enhance your music production with advanced tools from Waves, a top name in digital audio plugins.

Waves Online Mastering: Elevate your tracks with Waves' sophisticated online mastering services, ensuring professional quality.

Audioshake: Award-winning AI stem separation tech creates stems from a recording so that you can open your music to new creative and revenue opportunities–from lyric transcription, sync licensing and remixes, to remastering and Dolby Atmos.

With more exciting partnerships on the horizon to extend Revelator Pro’s functionality, we're dedicated to bringing the best solutions to our music partners and remaining at the forefront of innovation to support the growth of your music business.

Book your Revelator Pro Demo now and let's lead the way in music innovation—one note at a time. 🎶

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