Revelator’s anti-fraud policy

Why do we need an anti-fraud policy?

Fraud in any of its forms is wrong and is unacceptable to Revelator and to the music industry.

When fraud occurs:

  • It is not just a loss to us, but ultimately to other content creators, reducing the royalty pool which is made available by the DSPs to copyright owners.
  • It may have a major impact on our reputation and our contracts with DSPs and ultimately puts our business in jeopardy.

Our objective is to prevent, identify, and penalize fraudulent usage of our platform. All indications of fraud will be rigorously investigated and penalized accordingly.

What are the DSPs doing about it?

Most DSPs use a mix of algorithms and humans to scan music being uploaded to their services to avoid potential fraud or unauthorized use of their service.

Once they have identified fraudulent streams, the DSPs take down the content and inform us. They reserve the right to withhold payments of royalties generated through fraudulent means.

What we at Revelator are doing about it?

We are proactive about preventing fraudulent activity by doing the following:

  • We automatically monitor (historic) sales data to combine this with other information (i.e. artist profiles, end-user information, etc.), to detect possible irregular activity.
  • All new tracks are fingerprinted and matched against several databases to avoid multiple uploads of the same song, or any existing copyrighted materials, or any unauthorized activity.

Anti-Fraud Compliance Policy

  • You acknowledge that in providing the Distribution Service and payments hereunder, we have entered into one or more agreements with respect to the DSPs (“DSP Agreements”), and you agree that these DTOS shall be subject to any applicable terms and conditions of the DSP Agreements, and to the extent of any conflict the terms of the DSP Agreements shall control. DSPs may also have policies related to fraud, suspected fraudulent activities, illegal activities, or infringement, and you agree that it is your responsibility to investigate such policies and that such policies shall be binding upon you hereunder.
  • Insofar as you use a “Revelator Deal” to distribute to a music service (DSP), you are responsible for monitoring for abusive or fraudulent content, including but not limited to: content without appropriate rights, or content with improper or misleading metadata claims, or soundalike audio meant to abuse content claiming systems. 
  • You shall use the anti-fraud tools provided (see Fraud Detection Tools section below) to monitor for and identify fraudulent content within 48 hours of such content first appearing in visible of the first appearance of a related asset in Daily Trends.

Upon suspicion of fraudulent activity within this 48 hour period, the Client must: 

  • Immediately block payments to the client account (Royalties > Payees > Options/Actions > Block payments).
  • Notify of the potential fraud, indicating the Payee name(s) and Payee Id(s) of the user under investigation. 

The Client then further disposes of an additional 72 hours to establish whether the content is legitimate or not. Should the content have been distributed without all appropriate rights, the Client must further (at no later time than at the expiration of the 72 hour investigation period):

  • Issue a takedown of all fraudulent content on all DSPs to which the content has been distributed. 
  • Notify of the UPCs that have thus been taken down.

It is left to the Client’s discretion whether the user account should be terminated and fully locked out based on the severity of the abuse or error in distributing the content.

Fraud Detection Tools:

The following tools & associated processes are available to you in order to identify potentially fraudulent/misleading content:

  • Metadata Inspector on the Revelator UI: every release submitted for distribution by a 3rd party associated with your account shall be reviewed with the Inspection tool provided in your account to ensure the metadata is not misleading in claiming ownership or participation of any well-known artists that are not actually performing on the recording, or not performing in an authorized way by said artist.
  • AHA Music audio identification browser extension: this Shazam-like browser extension works to identify the audio files that your users submit for distribution. All submitted tracks should be scanned to see if they matched the stated metadata and/or if they contain unlicensed samples of other artists’ material. In the event that any track submitted for distribution should contain another artist’s recording, or be a soundalike or cover of said recording, it will be your responsibility to ensure that the person submitting the track for distribution has obtained the proper license to use or cover said recording. You can learn more about AHA Music and download it from
  • Daily Trends monitoring: by reviewing your Daily Trends on a daily basis, you will be able to identify your high performing tracks. All tracks or releases displaying significant streaming or download activity should be reviewed to ensure a significant level of activity is expected for the material; if it is not expected, you should investigate the track or release to ascertain whether it is legitimate. Monitoring your Daily Trends for outliers or sudden surges of activity – especially for unfamiliar accounts – is a very effective way to identify suspicious content.

Revelator will provide a distribution revenue report (the "DRR") on a monthly basis. Upon receipt of the DRR, you should again review the data using either the statement visualization option, Revenue Analytics or any other analysis tool you wish to use in order to identify any unexpected high earner so as to block any payout to a potentially fraudulent account.

Failure to Adhere to Revelator’s Anti-Fraud Policy

Penalties will ensue in 2 cases:

  • Exceeding the quota of 2 accounts per year with fraudulent content. The penalty will be applied upon the 3rd case of fraudulent content.
  • Failure to adhere to the above procedure on more than 1 occasion. The penalty will be applied upon the 2nd case of a failure to follow the procedure.

The ensuing penalties for either failure shall be any or all of the following:

  • Withdrawal of the ability to distribute to the DSP(s) provided through a Revelator Deal.
  • Termination of the Client account

Withholding royalties (¨escrow¨) for blocked accounts:

  • We may block and withhold revenues in any Client’s account that are received in connection with content that we believe, in our sole discretion, violate the Terms of Use or the agreements We have with DSPs.
  • The money is kept in escrow until a timeframe of 24 months or until a claim is received.

The royalties will be held in escrow in order to be able to respond in the following situations:

  • An End User proves his account is not fraudulent and, therefore, royalties will be made available to the End User.
  • We receive claims from DSPs, asking for a refund of the royalties in case any DSPs deems it was generated through unauthorized or fraudulent activity. Please note that DSPs contractually have the right to reclaim royalties during a timeframe of 24 months, that is why we need to respect this period as well.
  • We receive claims from legitimate rights holders, claiming the payout of the royalties that have been retained, plus royalties that already have been paid to End Users with claimed unauthorized or fraudulent activity.


We will  initiate takedowns of suspicious content for blocked accounts and all content that is involved in fraudulent issues.

However, please also note that any content may be marked as suspicious by DSPs at their sole discretion and may be taken down at their discretion.

Report a Copyright Violation

If you would like to notify Revelator regarding a copyright violation or any other legal claim relating to your content, please fill out this form.

Once we have the information, we will investigate your claim and get back to you as soon as we can. We take these claims extremely seriously.

To report fraud, please fill out this form.