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Build your web3 business
with our Creator Studio

Leverage the power of blockchain-based smart contracts with an easy-to-use web-based frontend enabling anyone to mint digital assets, collect on-chain royalties, sell NFTs and interact with DeFi protocols.

Smart Contracts

Create digital assets and smart contracts

Easily compose smart contracts and mint digital assets from the Creator Studio web application. Manage all of your assets across different blockchain networks from one place.

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Mint your own NFTs


List on popular
NFT marketplaces

Easily distribute and list your digital assets on NFT marketplaces without any knowledge of blockchain technology.

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Sell direct to fans with storefronts


Collect on-chain royalties

Get notified directly to your phone every time you receive royalties from primary or secondary market sales of your NFTs.

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Experience a more open, transparent
and efficient digital IP economy


Manage all your creative IP
from your wallet


Authenticate your creative work on the blockchain


Choose what protocols and blockchains you interact with


Automatically execute business rules with smart contracts


Unlock new use cases on top of open source protocols


Manage your digital assets across different blockchains

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