Unlocking web3 with NFTs in Revelator Pro

Unlocking web3 with NFTs in Revelator Pro

Bruno Guez
Bruno Guez
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Artists, labels, publishers, distributors, and other music businesses can now unlock a new world of digital collectibles and royalty payments, thanks to Revelator’s fan-friendly, easy-to-use NFT platform.

Revelator announced at ethTLV that it has embedded a new easy-to-use web3 product to its flagship Revelator Pro platform, allowing its customers to mint & list music NFTs, and aggregate web3 royalties alongside all their other business activity. This service lays the foundation and the next substantial layer in Revelator’s bridge between music’s web2 present and its web3 future using the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain, which is favored by many consumer brands. 

Revelator Pro’s NFT platform offers a way for artists to connect directly with their fans and generate new revenue streams. Music businesses such as labels, distributors, and others aim to facilitate this connection through NFTs but face the challenges of mastering new web3 technologies across multiple platforms, integrating wallets, and incorporating web3 financial reporting into their existing royalty accounting workflows.

 “The full potential of music NFTs remains untapped as long as the steep barrier to web3 persists. The current level of technical know-how required is limiting enthusiasm for what should be a thrilling new medium for artists & fans.” explains Bruno Guez, founder and CEO of Revelator.

With Revelator Pro, music businesses can mint and sell collectible NFTs without any knowledge of web3, crypto or coding. They can easily manage 1:1 or entire collections of digital assets from artwork, images, music, or videos. NFTs minted on Revelator are fully tradable on any marketplace. Artists and customers can track primary and secondary royalties and automatically split them on-chain with other artists or rights holders, improving the speed and efficiency of rights management and royalty administration. Last but not least, they can also sell NFTs directly to their fans from their own branded storefront without needing to list on OpenSea or a third-party NFT marketplace. The creator is the market. 

Fans can use their email to purchase NFTs via credit card or via crypto using their wallets. Revelator enables fans to buy these digital collectibles in US dollars or in Polygon’s native currency, Matic. Fans can also create a collector profile page, making it easy to show off their collection of digital assets to others. 

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