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Fidilian grows the Nordic market using Revelator Pro
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Fidilian is a fast growing Denmark-based record label and music distributor with monthly hits in the Danish charts. Fidilian is revolutionizing the Scandinavian music market by helping independent artists and record companies break through the noise with access to all the exclusive features of the major music industry leaders.

Revelator enabled Fidilian to quickly grow their business within the Scandinavian music market

The reason for this is clear: there’s a huge tension between what the current music industry needs and what decentralized systems do. The music business’s main value flows from its ability to control creative intellectual property, and that’s an essentially centralized activity. We need to be clear-eyed about what needs to happen to create a truly robust, multi-faceted decentralized ecosystem for music.


The company was looking for a platform that would enable them to combine delivery and aggregation in one solution. They required a flexible business model to bridge the gap between their different supply chain and distribution needs. Fidilian also needed integrated reporting and visualization solution to facilitate their transparency in royalty distribution to rights owners.


Revelator enabled Fidilian to launch their distribution music service and accommodate their hybrid delivery and distribution model. Using Revelator Pro, Fidilian leveraged all the integrated tools to analyze and visualize their globally earnings and daily trends enabling them to make better business and marketing decisions. Revelator provided a highly efficient and scalable copyright, distribution and reporting platform allowing Fidilian to launch their white label solution for Danish artists. By using Revelator Pro, Fidilian was able to expand their global distribution footprint to new stores and services and grow their business.

By implementing Revelator Pro, the Fidilian team was able to easily build their distribution business using minimal team resources, greatly reducing the time and financial investment needed to launch an online music service.
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