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Soundrop launched the most advanced artist distribution platform.
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Formerly LOUDR distribution, Soundrop, the new service launched in 2017 by CDBaby, offered an alternative artist distribution approach that favors constant creation and single-first strategies. The new service offered independent artists an easy way to acquire cover song licenses from publishers and to deliver their content to all the major distribution services.

Revelator enabled Soundrop to launch a white label artist distribution platform with enhanced licensing and royalty services to over 60,000 rights holders


CDBaby needed a solution to seamlessly transition the Loudr catalog to Soundrop, their newly branded distribution service, without disruption to Loudr’s large and growing customer base. CDBaby was under time constraints to launch the Soundrop service and was looking to outsource the development of the enhanced services to a partner.

Soundrop also needed a platform that could handle the handoff between cover song licensing and distribution to all the major DSPs. The service also needed to support both album and track level accounting to make it easy to calculate royalty splits between creators, collaborators, and publishers.


Revelator provided CDBaby with the knowledge, expertise and technical infrastructure to bring Soundrop to market in an elegant white label solution with Revelator Pro. Our team developed the new metadata inspection, fraud protection, licensing and accounting features Soundrop required, and helped CDBaby migrate the LOUDR database to the new Soundrop platform, ensuring complete metadata, rights and accounting data integrity.

Data migrations between systems is never an easy task, and requires both advanced technical skills and business acumen to complete successfully. Revelator led the successful development, integration and migration of the project with the CDBaby/Soundrop/LOUDR teams, and delivered the most advanced integrated licensing and distribution platform the music industry has ever witnessed.

"Revelator helped us solve complex business challenges by aggregating, cleaning and enriching all of our data from diverse sources, and simplifying our reporting obligations to our global rights holders." - Tracy Maddux, CEO, CDBaby
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