Original Works

The Original Works (OWN) protocol is the first web3 music stack to reshape digital ownership and power an open IP economy

About Original Works

Original Works Protocol democratizes music IP by connecting traditional royalty pipes to on-chain protocols and DeFi projects. The OWN protocol integrates with Ethereum, Polygon and Binance, and will soon integrate Flow, Solana and Tezos.

How Original Works and Revelator work together

Revelator's integration with the Original Works protocol radically simplifies web3 for music IP, and provides businesses and creators no-code tools and infrastructure for on-ramping the music industry at scale. Creators can easily mint digital assets and issue tokens, manage splits with smart contracts, collect on-chain royalties in stablecoins, and invest, borrow and lend with DeFi protocols.

product integrations
  • Revelator Pro
  • Revelator Studio
  • Revelator Wallet

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